Carolyn B.

‍Leonard ‍was ‍born ‍near ‍Buffalo ‍in ‍far ‍northwest ‍OK ‍in ‍a ‍rural ‍home ‍without ‍plumbing ‍or ‍electricity, ‍to ‍Ernest ‍and ‍Imogene ‍Branch, ‍farmers. ‍

‍“We ‍didn’t ‍consider ‍ourselves ‍in ‍poverty,” ‍she ‍says, ‍“because ‍our ‍neighbors ‍and ‍peers ‍lived ‍the ‍same ‍way. ‍Besides, ‍I ‍grew ‍up ‍on ‍a ‍pony! ‍It ‍was ‍a ‍good ‍life.”

‍“Twenty ‍years ‍ago ‍I ‍moved ‍to ‍the ‍big ‍city ‍for ‍a ‍better ‍job, ‍and ‍unexpectedly ‍met ‍and ‍fell ‍in ‍love ‍with ‍a ‍widowed ‍engineer ‍at ‍a ‍church ‍event. ‍Coming ‍from ‍a ‍brown-eyed ‍family, ‍his ‍captivating ‍glacier-blue ‍eyes ‍soon ‍made ‍me ‍forget ‍my ‍vow ‍to ‍never ‍marry ‍again, ‍and ‍all ‍six ‍of ‍our ‍children ‍happily ‍gave ‍us ‍in ‍marriage.”

‍“My ‍engineer, ‍also ‍known ‍as ‍left ‍brain, ‍and ‍our ‍pampered ‍mixed-breed ‍Boston, ‍Ginger, ‍live ‍in ‍Oklahoma ‍City. ‍We ‍love ‍life ‍and ‍enjoy ‍traveling ‍and ‍being ‍with ‍fun ‍people.  “To ‍Israel, ‍with ‍Love” ‍is ‍the ‍story ‍of ‍our ‍travels ‍to ‍the ‍Middle ‍East. ‍My ‍book, ‍"Who's ‍Your ‍Daddy?" ‍is ‍a ‍natural ‍extension ‍of ‍my ‍30-year ‍experience ‍in ‍finding ‍my ‍way ‍over ‍and ‍around ‍brick ‍walls ‍to ‍discover ‍our ‍family's ‍place ‍in ‍history. ‍The ‍accomplishment ‍is ‍a ‍life-changing ‍experience, ‍and ‍I ‍hope ‍that ‍something ‍I ‍have ‍written ‍will ‍help ‍others.” ‍Soon ‍to ‍come: ‍“Every ‍Ten ‍Years: ‍The ‍US ‍Presidents, ‍the ‍Federal ‍Census, ‍and ‍current ‍events ‍that ‍influenced ‍the ‍lives ‍of ‍your ‍ancestors.”

Leonard now is currently working on a non-fiction book about the Low Dutch who settled New Netherland and later settled in Kentucky -- and also about twenty other unfinished books.  She also still operates the wheat farm in far northwestern Oklahoma where she grew up. 

Here’s the boring stuff:

Graduate of Oklahoma City University, BA 

Member ISFHWE - International Society of Family History Writers 

Former Editor of the Oklahoma Genealogical Society newsletter 

Past president & current Board member of Oklahoma City Writers.

Editor & publisher of the Writers Reminder E-zine, since 2007-subscribers 1,129 

OK Writers Federation Board of Directors, two terms as President.

Past Pres. & Charter Member of Writers of Purple Sage.

Member of International Society of Family History Writers  

Member of First Families of the Twin Territories of Oklahoma, # 3056

1st Vice Regent of Oklahoma Prairies DAR, two terms, #809560 

Associate of Daughters of Holland Dames, #A-74

Member of Daughters of War of 1812, #29169

Honorary Colonel of Kentucky, 2007

Who’s Who of American Women, 1998 to present.

Who’s Who in the World 2003 to present

Who’s Who in America 2012 to present

Honored Blogger of the 2012 Family History Expo

Member of Evergreen Travel Club & Affordable Travel Club

Member of historical societies in Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, more

Member of Servants Dinner Club, now in 15th year of restaurant reviews

Coordinator National Low Dutch Cousins Gathering bi-annually in Kentucky

25-year member of Mayflower Descendants Society, #538-38,149

Board Member & Publicity Director of Edmond Genealogical Soc.

Member of the OGS Board of Directors more than seven years.

Movie extra in “Bringing Up Bobby” 2010

TV Interviews with Read About It, OETA.

Member of