Carolyn B. Leonard


Immigrants from the Grand Duchy of Baden 1847.

I wrote these books because I wanted my children and grandchildren to know they came from people who were brave, adventurous, ready to take risks. Their ancestors were willing to ride the wildest ocean waves and face unknown terrors in the untamed frontier to ensure their descendants a better future. Instead of creating a family history record of “begats,” I wanted to make the characters come alive to tell the story of their experience, migration, and origin. This book will share many historical photos and transcriptions of different ancestor’s writings, enhanced with notes on family background and historical events. Family history is more important than any other history simply because family is the fundamental, rock-bottom unit of society. My hope is that readers will be able to “walk in their shoes,” have courage in trials, and learn from these stories in a way that is helpful and even transformational as they continue along their own life journeys.

Genealogy in Progress: Available late summer 2021 in e-book and print from and bookstores.


Title:  The Descendants of John Baptist Barr

Subtitle: from the Grand Duchy of Baden

John B. and Elizabeth (Troutman) Barr descendants to the 6th and 7th Generation

Description: Illustrated with photos and first-hand stories of their settlement in 1847 Ohio, homesteading on the Nebraska frontier and and the exciting Oklahoma Land Run. All known descendants of the ten children of John and Elisabeth, and descendants of their grandchildren with photos from everywhere.

Genealogy in Progress: Available by Christmas 2021


Title:  Thomas and Klara (Leinert) BAHR 

Subtitle: The winegrower of Baden

Description: With an ancestor chart back to the 1500s in the Grand Duchy of Baden, details of their journey on a Packet Ship from Le Havre to America in 1846, to settlement in Ohio, to details of the 11 children of Thomas and Klara, and their grandchildren with photos from everywhere. Each chapter details the lives of Bahr's six surviving children including their parts in the Indian wars, a wayward son who became very wealthy, a daughter married to a Civil War soldier, and more.

Genealogy in Progress: Available 2022

Title:  German Village Life 

Subtitle:  In the Kingdom of Baden 1800-1850

At least a fourth of all Americans have German ancestors. This book will help other Americans learn about how their people lived, what they did, the type of government under which they were subjects, and why they left. …"Josef and Theresia Bahr’s son, the winegrower Thomas Bahr, married Klara Lienert from Berghaupten (1802-1843), and raised their family at Freudental 14 in Ortenberg.  The Bahr family lived in this lovely area on the east bank of the Rhine River, across from North Switzerland at the edge of the Swartenzenwald for centuries, in fact at least as far back as records began in 1600." Photos of the half-timber house, historic and current, are included.