Martha Washington, An American Life

Author:  Patricia Brady

ISBN: 978-0-14-303713-2‍ Published by the Penguin group

‍Patricia Brady uses her wonderfully vibrant description and down-to-earth writing style to get through the “frumpery” that has been imposed on Martha Washington, to bring out the wealthy, attractive, and much loved young widow who captured the heart of George Washington.

The author brings us along on the journey as we ride in stagecoaches, chariots, and horseback from the Custis plantation to Mount Vernon to New York to Philadelphia to Valley Forge in the winter encampments. From Williamsburg to GW’s mother’s estate they rode in uncomfortable splendor. The author uses word paintings to help a reader feel intimately acquainted with Martha and George, their joys and sorrows, lives and times. She includes genealogy charts of Washington’s family.

Martha Washington (Table of Contents)
Prologue: On the Road to History
One: Little Patsy Dandridge
Two: Courtship
Three: Young Mrs. Custis
Four: The Widow Custis and Colonel Washington
‍Five: Gentry Life at Mount Vernon
‍Six: Lady Washington and the American Revolution
Seven: Valley Forge and Eventual Victory
Eight: Mount Vernon and a New Family
Nine: The President’s Lady
Ten: The Torments of the Second Term
Eleven: “Under Their Vine and Under Their Fig Tree”
Twelve: The Widow Washington
Epilogue: The Real Martha Washington

I do recommend the book to all lovers of history.